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Payment and Shipping FAQ

General Questions:
1. My shirt doesn't fit me, what can I do?
Don't worry we have you covered.  We know it can be frustrating getting the wrong size so we offer a money back guarantee on all of our products so you don't have to worry.  Click here to start our hassle free returns process.
2. My shirt was defective or not how I expected it to be, can you help?
Absolutely, we want all of our customers satisfied.  Defects are rare but they happen.  Just contact us and we will gladly help you with a refund or replacement. Click here for assistance.
3. When will this product be back in stock?
We restock our products every 2-4 weeks if they're available from our distributor. Sometimes they might be out of a certain design or size and we need to wait for them to reprint it before it's available again.

4. Do you have this shirt available in this size?
Our inventory shows what sizes we currently have in stock or are sold out of. If the size isn't listed in the drop down menu we don't carry it. Alot of the designs are only made up to XL by our distributors.

5. Does this shirt have a back print on it?
If we don't have a picture of the back then there is only a screen print on the front of the shirt.

6. What brand of t-shirt is this screen printed on?
We get our t-shirts from a variety of different distributors and they use a wide range of t-shirt brands and change frequently.

7. I saw a product on here before but now it's gone?
If a product is discontinued and no longer available from our distributors we remove it from our store so it's not cluttered with products we can't stock anymore.

Payment Questions:
1. What types of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards: Paypal, Amazon Payments, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Sorry no checks or money orders.

2. How do I know if my order is in stock?
Our website has a live inventory and shows our current stock. Meaning if something is quantity 1 or more you can purchase it and it will ship out. We don't do back orders and you'll never be charged for something we don't have in stock. Rarely an inventory error can happen due to human error but you'll be emailed if something is out of stock and not billed for it.

3. Why is my credit card producing an error when I'm trying to checkout?
Some credit cards require that you ship to the same address as your billing address. This is done to help guard you against unauthorized charges. If you changed addresses recently make sure to call your credit card company and have them add your new address to the card. Also it might be the csv # on the back of the card or an incorrect expiration date or #.

4. My order was declined but I was charged? (You haven't been charged by us, info below)
If an order is declined due to an error on the card, AVS mismatch etc we can't capture your payment or charge you. The way the system works is we never actually see your credit card or have the ability to manually charge you and can only "capture" your payment after it goes through successfully. Usually what happens is the bank temporarily holds your funds and this happens with all merchant accounts not just our store. You haven't been charged by us and if it doesn't straighten out in the next few business days contact your bank and make sure they didn't screw anything up.

5. What USA state are you in for sales tax?
Our primary location is in Buffalo, NY 14216. We do charge sales tax for New York, USA which will be displayed during checkout if you are also in New York.

Shipping questions:

1. When will my order ship out?
We ship orders out within 24 hours of receiving payment. Keep in mind the mail is closed on Sundays and holidays so your order will ship out the next day the mail is open.

2. When will my order get delivered to me inside the USA?
Depending on what shipping option you choose delivery time varies. Please check the shipping estimator during the checkout process for exact times.

3. Do you ship outside of the USA?
We currently only ship orders inside the 48 continental United States.

4. I gave you the wrong address and my order is coming back to you
Unfortunately when given the wrong address we will need to charge you a shipping fee to ship out your order again. If this happens please contact us and we can make arrangements to reship the order once it returns back to us.

5. Will you ship to my PO Box?
We do not currently ship to PO Boxes.